Ancient Egyptian Self Portraits

Ancient Egyptian Self Portrait

Grade 3

Materials: Photos of students in profile, printed in black and white, large drawing paper, scissors, glue, markers. Examples of Ancient Egyptian art and hieroglyphics.

Objective: Understand basic principles of Ancient Egyptian art, used mixed media to create self-portraits based on Egyptian style. Observe and produce patterns.

Introduction: Show students examples of Ancient Egyptian art, ask them to observe how the human form is depicted. Discuss Egyptian conventions such as the mixture of frontal and profile views. Talk about why art was created in Ancient Egypt and for whom. Connect art created to accompany the pharaoh in the afterlife with the durable materials and simple style of the art. Show class the bust of Nefertiti and have them observe the style and patterns of her hat and dress.

Step 1: Students cut out their profile and glue it to their paper.

Step 2: Using pencil, students sketch an Egyptian headress on to their photo.

Step 3: Students add patterns to their headdress and clothing and color them in with markers.

Step 4: Students add hieroglyphic designs to the margins of their drawings

Step 5: Display and discuss artwork

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