Garden Collage

Garden Collage



Materials: Mat board, construction paper, tissue paper, glitter glue, foam shapes, scissors, glue, leaf-shaped stamps, green ink pads, buttons.

Objectives: Learn more about form, shape, and color. Explore the properties of different materials.

Step 1:  Read “Planting a Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert, which has simple but gorgeous illustrations of flowers of all kinds. Talk about all of the different shapes, colors, and sizes of flowers featured in the book.

Planting a Rainbow

Step 2: Show the class my example and have them identify the materials I used to create the different flowers: foam shapes for the poppy, tissue paper for the tiger lily, construction paper and a button for the sunflower, glitter glue for the bluebonnets, and stickers for the daisies.

Step 3: Glue light blue tissue paper rectangles onto mat board to create the sky. Add green construction paper rectangles for the ground. Glue on construction paper stems and use leaf-shaped foam stamps to print some green leaves into our garden.

Step 4: The students are free to choose which materials to use to create their flowers. Just about any colorful shape at the end of a green stem can represent a flower, and the kids can experiment with different shapes, colors, and textures.

Rainbow Collage (2 year old) Garden collage (3 year old)