Picasso Self Portraits

Picasso Self Portrait

Grade 3

Materials: Photos of students in profile, printed in black and white, oil pastels, scissors, glue. Examples of artwork by Picasso from his Cubist and Surrealist periods, including Girl Before a Mirror and other works that include bold color and distorted facial features. Picasso art game worksheet.

Objectives: Understand use of color and form in Cubism and Surrealism, learn oil pastel technique and expressive use of color.

Introduction: Show students Girl Before a Mirror and other Picasso portraits from the same period and ask students to describe how Picasso depicted the people in these paintings. Discuss use of color, multiple perspectives. Brief lesson on Cubism and Surrealism.

Step 1: Students cut out their profile from their photos and glue it to their paper.

Step 2: Using the Picasso art game worksheet as a guide, students draw the other half of the face from the frontal, rather than profile, perspective using oil pastels.

Step 3: Students divide their drawing and the background into sections and color in each portion with a different colorful pattern.